Brands & Vendors

We are beyond honored to feature many of the Bay Area's best local brands, designers, makers and artisans. Here's just a few of vendors past ... 


Alex Steele

Alexandra Barao

Amanda Hunt Jewelry

AsA Vintage

Bespoke Watch Project

Born To Roam Vintage


Dear Indigo

Empress Vintage

Erin Cuff

Faye Kendall

Godseye Oils

Harp Designs

Haute Again Vintage

Jenny Lemons

Julia Canright

La Bruja Vintage

La Kiwi Baby

Lacson Ravello

Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

Maiden Voyage Jewelry

Maker & Mineral

Mega Deluxe

Mercy Vintage

Mira Blackman

Moss Upcycled Design

Native Daughter

Old Moon Vintage

Patch Ya Later


Rust & Flourish Florals

Salinity Studio

Sand Shed

Sarah Liller

Searoon Succulents

Sis Vintage

Slate & Stone Jewelry

St. Lightning 


Tar & Feather Vintage

The Consistency Project

The Golden Hour

The Lantern Light Ceramics


US Vintage


Woll Jewelry